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Take the stress out of brokering your Super Yacht by entrusting the entire process to our expert Super Yacht Brokers

Whether you would like us to broker your super yacht for you or assist you in the selling of your Super Yacht, we are here at European Yacht Brokers to make the whole process straightforward, effortless, and hassle-free. Complete our appraisal request form and let us know everything about your Super Yacht. One of our yacht brokers will contact you to explain how we can assist you.

We sell hundreds of boats a year from individuals, private businesses, and even other yacht brokerages throughout our network of brokers.

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  • No need to post on dozens of classified advertising platforms
  • No strangers knocking at your door
  • No being bombarded by late night phone calls or texts
  • No sieving through annoying emails
  • No worrying about the army of time wasters
  • No lengthy Inspections
  • No title or tax concerns
  • No money laundering worries
  • We achieve a Fair Market Value
  • We handle All Payoff Paperwork
  • It’s All Quick and Easy
  • We speak all the languages
  • Reasonable commission rate
  • No having to listen to insults or insulting offers from buyers trying to lower the price of your beloved boat!


We have the know-how to obtain the results you want. From attracting serious prospective buyers, all the way through the negotiation and closing of the sale, we have your back. We start by agreeing on the net euro amount you will receive for your Super Yacht when it sells.

Getting fair market value for your boat is our utmost priority, from handling all paperwork, to making the sale. With our nautical and yachting expertise, mechanical knowledge, and high volume of sales, we are your ideal yacht broker to sell your Super Yacht.

How we work

Everything you need to sell your Super Yacht


First Contact

Ask us for a free valuation of your super yacht or instruct us to find you a boat.


Discussion & Planning

We garner all your specifications, photos, and any other information you may have, to create the perfect listing.


Online Strategy

We sell on all international platforms in eight languages and through video remarketing.



We take the stress out of buying and selling a super yacht, as your intermediary between prospects and owners.


Technical Guidance

From surveys and repairs, to flag registration, we can arrange everything or simply guide you through the processes.



We work on reasonable commission rates. We only charge on the sale of the super yacht.

An effortless and stress-free process for our Client.

When brokering your Super Yacht, our brokerage takes care of the Marketing Costs, as we aim to obtain the best Market Value, while offering reasonable Commissions, dealing with all the Paperwork, and answering all the potential buyers' Emails and Calls.

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